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Pierogi Bar Bag- Zip


The English word "pierogi" comes from Polish pierogi, which is the plural form of pieróg, a generic term for filled dumplings.

A regional favorite here in Pennsylvania, we figured there wasn't a better name for a bar bag that's going to be stuffed with all sorts of goodness. The shape might not be a dead ringer for the doughy delights, but is pretty close, and perhaps a little more aero. 

These bags work well on drop bars, flat bars, and even a number of alt bars like the Jones and Surly Moloko. On the Jones it actually allows for use inside the Loop! 


-VX21 XPAC Front Panel (lightweight and waterproof)
-VX42 XPAC Back/Side Panel (abrasion resistant and waterproof)
-YKK #8 Waterproof Zipper and Pull
-Reflective 1" webbing across the front for a blinky light, raceplate mount, or temporary sunglasses stowage. 
-Two Omni Velcro strips and One Barrel Locked Paracord will keep this bag super stable even over the roughest terrain on or off road. 

 -Solarsewn in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania


-7" wide, 6" tall, and 3" deep

 Despite being constructed of waterproof materials, we guarantee these as water-resistant not proof, but because it's sewn and not seam welded.